Aeotec Z-Wave Smart Energy Power Strip: Lowest Price ever

I’ve got a couple of those, work great, but they’ve been unavailable for months now. At least everywhere I’ve checked.

zwaveproducts has the power strip for $74.99, and use VIP1215 for 10% off. I think you need to get up to $100 for free shipping though

This looks pretty interesting too

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Does this strip show up in ST fine with the device DTH ? On/Off works for each of the 4 outlets ?

With @erocm1231 handler, yes, all four are switchable, using his simulated switches and smart app to combine it all, works very well.


Awesome. I will give this a shot. I really like this power strip for behind the entertainment center.

Is this product available anywhere?

Finally available! Thanks @TheSmartestHouse!
In for two!


A word of warning, the set-up for SmartThings is not pretty now (it looks like a bug in the current ST firmware) but you’ll get it fully functional by following these instructions:

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I realize this is a necropost, but on the offchance you’re still active…

What are you using to trend power usage through SmartThings? I would love to do something similar!

Grafana with influxdb running on a Ubuntu VM.

Search grafana and you’ll find a link to instructions.

Thank you!

I don’t see zwjoin as an event. In hubs>list events all I see is ‘zw device’. I copy pasted the
id value but the power strip was listed but none of power strip ch1-5 responded (on/off).
So is it zwjoin or zw device?

Decided to do factory reset but can’t get process working…any advice, the instructions say CH1 click-click-click and hold for at least 10 seconds but nothing…, is it click on, click on, click on and hold or
Click on, click off, click on and hold
Try different combinations but no dice.

To reset, you need click the CH1 button 3 times very quickly (so technically, on-off-on, depending on the starting position) but the third time you need to hold it for 10 seconds instead of releasing. All of the LED indicators should flash. But if for some reason this is not working, you can try resetting it straight from the hub with general exclusion:

For the SmartThings Classic App:

  1. Tap the menu icon in your SmartThings app
  2. Tap Hub is online
  3. Tap Z-Wave Utilities
  4. Tap General Device Exclusion
  5. The app will show this message: “Please follow the manufacturer’s instructions to remove the Z-Wave device from My SmartThings.” There will also be a spinning circle next to the message “Exclusion Mode Active”
  6. Click the CH1 button 3 times quickly
  7. The app will confirm device exclusion
  8. Tap Done

For the new SmartThings app:

  1. Tap on the Devices tab
  2. Select the SmartThings Hub
  3. Tap the three dots in the top right
  4. Tap Z-Wave exclusion
  5. Click the CH1 button 3 times quickly
  6. The app will indicate when the device is successfully removed. Tap Done

And then try adding it again according to the instructions. Let us know if that helped!

I was able to factory reset.

I don’t see zwjoin anywhere. Is there a screenshot you can share maybe I’m looking in the wrong place.

More pics

What is the last screenshot showing? How the device displays in the app? Were you able to add it without the workaround?

I added using the steps of the workaround minus the step that calls for finding zwjoin event since this event was not listed. Instead I opened one of the zw device events and used that id.

The issue is that none of the power strip outlets respond per screenshot of app and actual device.

Since there are multiple zw device events I have no idea which one to try, the only thing would be left to try them one by one and maybe one of them is for the master node power strip?

The steps for the workaround need screenshots since it’s working for others maybe I’m looking in the wrong place for zwjoin event??

Going to try again after screenshot or maybe I got a dud power strip.