Aeotec Nanomote now shipping in the US (March 2019)


Aeotec’s zwave plus S2 replacement for the minimote has finally started shipping in the US.

Called the nanomote quad, it has three sector buttons and a center circle favorites button. Each button recognizes short press or long press. It uses central scene commands, a good thing. Very small, 2 in. Square. At about $45, it’s expensive, but you are getting eight different scene commands from it and it’s an excellent size so there will be Quite a few people who like it. :sunglasses:


It supports multiple association groups, but they are super complex and remember since this is a battery-operated device the zwave tweaker will not work with it. So I would personally stick with the central scene commands.

Here’s a DTH:

Note that because of changes between Z wave and Z wave plus, this device is not designed to be a secondary controller the way the minimote was and you will not be able to use it to create associations between two other devices or to include or exclude devices. It’s just a smart button.


I was curious can this be used as a presence sensor? My in-laws moved in and believe it or not they do not have a smart phone so I am looking for something they can have on their key chain that will disarm the alarm when they get home and has a few buttons to control just a few simple routines (turn house lights on, arm the alarm at night and if needed disarm the alarm. The need for a few buttons is why I did not go with the SmartThings presence sensor.

I read through this FAQ FAQ: Full list of buttons and remotes confirmed to work with SmartThings and it seems like many of the devices are no longer available.

If this can not be used a presence sensor do you have any recommendations? I would rather not build a dashboard on a tablet for them because they are not techy at all so just something that I can put on their key chains and tell them to “hit this button to turn the lights on” or “hit this button if the alarm goes off on you” is what I am after.


Nanomote is not technically a presence sensor because it will not automatically report its coming and going to the system. But you could certainly have the person press a specific button on the nanomote and have that trigger any smart things event you wanted, including turning on a virtual presence sensor.

The problem with this approach is that many people will forget to press a button to turn it off again when they leave. (They are more highly motivated, obviously, to turn it on when they arrive.)

So you might want to consider two fobs, the nanomote and the presence sensor.


Hi my friend !..this device looks great, but since DTH comment, I am supposing that it cannot work locally ? The DTH is required ?.. I understand all devices that work with 3th DTH (not IDE original listed) work in the cloud. Im looking for local devices to avoid internet for security features like emergency button for my daughters rooms and a couple more to deactivate alarm sirens if internet is not available…

If you use Z wave direct association, it doesn’t need the cloud at all. In fact, after you set it up, it doesn’t even need the hub anymore. It just allows one zwave device to send a message to another Z wave device nearby.

The nanomote has a lot of Association Options

The trick is going to be setting them up on a smartthings platform. I don’t know if the Z wave tweaker will work with it, it doesn’t work with a lot of battery powered devices. It would probably be best if you check with Aeotec support before purchasing to find out if you can set up associations when it is connected to a smartthings hub. If you can, though, it should give you a very reliable way of triggering sirens or other Z wave devices. But you can’t use it to do anything else without the hub, it can’t trigger zigbee Devices or send notifications. But it might be a possibility for you.

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