Aeotec Nano Switch and Nano Dimmer questions

Hello! I’m hoping I can get a few questions answered. I understand the Aeotec Nano Switch requires a neutral while the new gen Aeotec Nano Dimmer does not.

I read that for a 2-way configuration for the Nano Switch, sometimes you have to flip the physical switch twice to get the light to change status. This totally makes sense why it would be this way. I’m looking at the wiring diagram. Is it possible to use a 3-way switch in a 2-way configuration so that the light changes when the physical switch is flipped regardless of the current status of the light?

Can the Nano Dimmer be used with a non-dimming physical switch?

Does Aeotec have any plans to release a Nano Switch that does not require a neutral?


Are you in the UK or the US? The term “two-way” and “three-way” mean different things in the two regions.

As far as Aeotec’s future plans, no one ever knows, apparently not even Aeotec. They are famous for announcing something as “coming soon” and then not bringing it to market for years, well in the meantime they bring out other things that had never been pre-announced. But based on the physics of it, I doubt that the switch will work without a neutral.

Meanwell, I am tagging @anon36505037 . He’s in the UK and has done two full houses with Fibaro kit and has run into most of the wiring issues and so may have some comments. :sunglasses:

@JDRoberts thanks! I’m in the US. By 2-way, I mean one light switch, and 3-way I mean two light switches controlling the same light.

@anon36505037 This is really helpful–thanks! Between you and that link, I have enough information to make my purchase with confidence. I didn’t think of it, but it makes total sense to use a momentary switch.

I also read about the Fibaro products as I was not familiar with them. I see that there has been discussion about getting the Fibaro dimmer switch to work without a neutral (

Sorry if I’m going a bit off-topic.

What’s the advantage of using a nano switch or dimmer compared to replacing dumb switches with smart switches?

Hi @HalD! That is a valid question. As far as I know, there are no smart switches that work without a neutral that don’t make LEDs flicker.

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Thanks! So mostly useful for older homes without neutrals?