Aeotec or Fibaro Dimmers - 3 Way Switch

Hi, I have a 3 way switch which is done in such a way where I don’t have a neutral wire. I believe that means that I’m limited to devices like the Aeotec Nano Dimmer or Fibaro Dimmer 2 which don’t require a neutral. But I can’t find clear instructions for the way my light is configured. It looks like this, where the line drops down into the light fixture directly:

Will the Nano Dimmer or Dimmer 2 work in this wiring scheme?

Thanks in advance!

You have a neutral at the light fixture so if you can put the module there you would not be restricted to the Fibaro or Aeotec. If not then you could place an Aeotec or Fibaro behind the right hand switch with a bit of re-wiring. The simplest way to do that would be to change the switches to momentary.