Aeotec Nano Dimmer Wiring Help?


Can anyone help with wiring an Aeotec Nano Dimmer to the pictured 2 way switch? And is it possible to control both the lights on a 2 way switch using the one Nano Dimmer?


Its not totally clear what you want to do, but in principle yes.

If you want to put a dimmer in each circuit (i.e. one for each light) then the easiest option would be to put it above the light, since from I can tell the switch picture shows the double switch, and it doesnt have Neutral there, plus for the circuit with two switches you will need to know a bit more about where the wires go - hence putting it by the light is probably easier.

From the looks of things you should have several wires in the ceiling, normally mains in (from the previous light or from the RCD box), mains out (to the next light on that RCD switch), switch wire (which goes to the switch that you have taken a photo of) and then the wire which connects to the light.

Thanks, I’m going to send it back.

I only wanted to stop people switching the hue lights off by the wall switch but this would be an expensive solution.

I thought one Nano dimmer could manage two lights and it sounds like I’ll need to get a spark in too.

Having a read and it sounds like a Relay is what I need, not the dimmer…