Nano switch installation?

looking to install an insteon nano switch (or like) in a 3 way, dimmer circuit. Any direction for installing it at the fixture (in ceiling) rather than in the box? the 2 gang box does not seem standard and cannot fit the ge zwave switches in it.

Insteon is not compatible with SmartThings.

There are a number of in wall micros that work with smart things that can often be installed at the fixture. The Aeotec zwave nano works with SmartThings, and is one of the smallest micros: it might even fit in the Switch box, but people often use them at the ceiling fitting as well.

so the aeotec can be used as a 3 way dimmer in the ceiling? been poking around at their site and have only seen diagrams for switch side install.

You can install the Nano module if you have wiring configuration from 5 to 8. It’s not possible with all the other configurations so check what you have first.

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thx, will check up on that.

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I’d like to install a non-dimmer at the fixture as well. How do I determine which wire goes where? There seems to be 2 wires and a ground coming into the fixture box that are attached to the fixture.

Once set up, if the switch is turned off, will I be able to turn on the lights with Z-Wave or does flipping the normal switch kill power to the Z-Wave radios too?