Aeotec Multisensor + Aeotec Mini Relay = painfully slow motion response time

We have an front hall light where the old fashioned wall switch was in an awkward location. For a while, our solution was to leave the switch on with a $15 motion sensing bulb from ebay installed.

I decided to “uograde” to a system that would integrate with Smartthings, so I bought a Multisensor 6 and one of Aeotecs mini inline relays/dimmers.

Both devices paired just fine. The problem is that it takes about 15 seconds between walking in front of the motion detector and the light actually coming on. The green light on the sensor lights up almost immediately.

I have tried the native smartthings handler as well as both of the custom handlers that are often discussed in forum threads for the multisensor. I have also tried connecting the two devices using both a native routine, and the smart lights smart app. Nothing improves the response time.

Finally, I should note that I have second sensot doing the same thing in a different area of the house, and the response time is almost immediate.

Any thoughts?

motion sensing bulb sounds good.

I think it’s the motion sensor… I have an Aeon relay triggered by a door sensor and reaction is almost instant, less then 1/4 second.

Also, i suggest you look at this thread:

have the same problem here. uses neocoolcam an fibaro motion in 4 roms but in the toilet and the kitchen i uses aeotec now but regret it hard.
Have them on the same plases as the old ones but its way to slow