5 seconds delay between motion sensor and LIFX bulbs—Can I reduce this?

Hello all, I have a bit of an issue. I have lifx bulbs in my living room and motion sensors. I set them up such that at night, when anyone come out from the room to go to the kitchen, the motion sensors detect their motion and trigger s the lights to come on. Now the issue is I would have walked half the way before the light’s come on. Is there any remedy for this as I feel the delay is just too long. Thanks

Brand and model of the motion sensors?

And where/how is the rule setup?

Hi JD, ST motion sensors and there are the 2015 model

OK, the first thing I would look at is the placement of the motion sensor. there is an FAQ for this (this is a clickable link):

Note that all of these PIR type sensors work by detecting very small changes in heat that move across the Detection field. Consequently you will get the fastest response if the motion sensor is 90° to where the person enters the room. If you have the motion sensor set so that person is walking straight on towards it, that can actually give you the slowest response time.

Hi, I’m using the smart app Smart Lighting. The setup is, when motion starts, turn on & set color temp for specified light, dimmer level is 30% and turn off after motion stops after specified number of minutes

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Is the LIFX integration cloud-to-cloud? That could add some latency.

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I guess it is

It is. You can test if that part is the problem just by checking how long it takes to light to come on when you tap the tile in the mobile app.

When I tap the tile in the mobile app the response is almost immediate, no latency at all.

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