Faster motion sensor than AEON Multisensor 6?

I have a single AEON Multisensor 6 for now. It works fine, however it would be nice if it reacted faster to motion, as want to use it to activate light in the room.
Right now it takes about 1-2 seconds before the green LED appears and instantly after the lights go on.
I assume that means it’s the device itself that takes 1-2 seconds to identify there is motion. Meaning the delay isn’t in the the ST system.

If that is correct, I would just like to hear if anyone knows is this motion detection delay is that same for all devices? Or are the some faster than this AEON multi sensor 6, before I buy more :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance

Same here. I first thought the delay was ST cloud so I moved it and the lights to my Aeon Labs USB stick which provides local processing. Wasn’t worth the effort.

I also have the original SmartThings motion sensor. It outperforms the Aeon even when processed through the cloud while the latter is processed locally.

The first thing I always look at with PIR motion sensors is the angle of incidence.

These sensors detect very small variation in heat moving across the sensor field. For this reason, they will trigger much more quickly if a person is walking crosswise to the sensor rather than if they’re walking straight on towards it.

So sometimes it’s just a matter of changing the position of the sensor, typically by 90°, to see a much faster response time. :sunglasses:

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There is a delay for all devices, but the Aeon is a little more. I have a SmartSense motion that still takes about a second (2-3 steps into the room) before it turns on the lights (no flash of light) all local processing.

I have a bunch of Iris motions. They have the trigger light and its still about a half to second to recognize motion. Most of them can sense motion before I enter the light area, so its not too bad.

I agree with @JDRoberts, having multiple sensors at different angles really improves detection in larger areas. I have doubled up in 2 rooms and super dependable.

I have a couple of Iris motions coming this weekend I hope to set up as spot motion sensors for my stairs. Will see how quickly they respond

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I have 1 iris and 1 ST at top / bottom of my split level home stairs.

It’s a good way to compare sensors which iris wins hands down.


I have come to the conclusion that the Aeon Multisensor 6 is for most part useless.

Originally I had it installed in my garage with the following conditions:
Lights on for 5 minutes when door opens.
Light remain on as long as there is motion.

Sometimes it worked but mostly it did not and I am standing there with a power tool in hand when my lights go out. I have stood in front of the sensor and waved/jumped/etc and nothing. Next time? Worked like a charm.

I then decided I would use it as a means to turn on my Foscam camera. I had this setup already working using the ST motion sensor. This darn sensor is so sensitive it picked up my neighbor across the street walking to his car. So… Use a sensor that is slow to respond seems just what the doctor ordered. As a test I walk down the driveway and only when I am right on top of the sensor does it pick me up. Regardless of the sensitivity settings, it not only is extremely slow but too unreliable. Next?


Probably question that has been answered but can’t find it … where do you change the settings for this sensor ? proximity sensor sensitivity , etc. Is there not an app from Aeon or ST smart app . I’m sure it can be changed from writing code I’m just a newbie so I haven’t tried it yet ,kind of worried about breaking what I have set-up .The new sensor from Phillips can be changed extensively. Thanks

Use this newly device handler, if you aren’t already

Then in the ST App, you find your device, and click the “settings”-wheel-icon in the top right corner. There you can change a lot of settings. Hope that helps

EXACTLY …what I was looking for thanks for your help.

Everything Aeotec makes is useless. I have several Door sensors from them, they’re slow too, they also eat batteries, and most disturbingly they ROUTINELY MISREPORT STATE!!! The &$% thing has ONE job and it can’t even do that reliably!!

Multisensor 6 is useless to. Certainly as a motion sensor. I’ve stood there waving my arms for up to 5 seconds before the green light comes on. It also seems to wait up to six minutes before it reports motion cleared, and it has a weird habit of being both too sensitive and not sensitives enough simultaneously. random breezes will trigger it, yet you stand there waving your arms and nothing.

As an engineer myself, there’s nothing I hate more than the sort of shoddy, lazy, cool packaging but functionality be damned engineering found in these products. Stay away from Aeotec. I’ve regretted every purchase I’ve made of one of their products.