Aeotec Multisensor 6 won't stay connected

I’ve got three Aeotec Multisensor 6’s (fw1.10) - and until recently, all have been working fine. I have one sensor that won’t stay connected to the hub. I can add it, configure it, but as soon as it detects motion, it drops from the hub and/or appears to reboot/reset.

I’m stuck between Samsung and Aeotec in terms of troubleshooting this. Wondering where to start?

Per IDE, this is what I see:


Any ideas how how to attack this?


Have you done an exclusion and then reset the device?

This info might help you.

I had not, no - but I followed those steps and still no joy. I can add the device, but the hub removes it silently a few minutes later. You can see a video of that here:

Also attaching the IDE log after running the device exclusion to show that it successfully excluded it, and re-added it, and then mysteriously removes it again less than a minute later.

We need the livelog not for the hub events but for the device events. This is just telling us that it was removed. Did you also factory reset your sensor?

The ruling from Aeotec is that the action-button inside the sensor is faulty which is causing the device to continually factory reset. So while it does power up and allow me to joining it to the hub, it just drops drops from the hub when it factory-resets itself. They have requested that I return it under warranty.

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