Aeotec Multisensor 6 wildly inaccurate readings

I love my Aeotec (Aeon) Multiseonsor 6’s. However, one of my sensors recently started reporting absolutely insane temp/humidity values. Below’s an example of the “Current Status” from IDE and device events after a reset. I’ve tried several different DTH with no success. My other two Multisensor 6’s are having no issues. Any suggestions?

  • ultravioletIndex: -1
  • acceleration: inactive
  • battery: 100 %
  • humidity: -1 %
  • illuminance: -32768 lux
  • motion: inactive
  • temperature: -3276.8 F
  • tamper: clear

Hope you’ve got good air conditioning :hot_face:

Got it fixed. But sadly, I have no idea how so I can’t share some wisdom lol.

I believe… It was a combination of removing and re-adding via Z-wave (multiple times) and trying different DTH.