Aeotec multisensor 6 no lux uv


I recently bought aeotec multisensor 6.
The pairing went all good, but the device is not reporting lux and UV (they always report 0 in various condition), but temp humidity vibration and motion are good…
Can u help me?

PS. I used aeotec multisensor advanced As DTH

It only reports lux about once every 60 minutes, it takes a long time before you get the first reading, and then it only reports when there’s been a change. So a lot of people have said they have to let it just sit for about two days before it starts giving readings they can use.

Aeon MultiSensor 6 - Reporting 0 Lux

I’ve had 3 of them for a few years, USB powered. I never got any UV reading on any of them. LUX is reported every time there is a change, regardless of time interval.

How? And which DTH do u use?
UV Reading is not important to me, but lux one is fundamental…

Same like you.

This sensor is 2 days on direct light and maximum luminance I got is 135 lux…!

EDIT: Now it’s reading 248 lux (direct light!), but the indicator bar is in the middle… It seem that a multiplicator is lacking…

Here are my screenshots

And this is the DTH
Sometime ago I updated firmware to latest available, but it worked OK even before.
Also, here is a. informative guide

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Thank you very much, I got finally the correct reading!

Only a problem now: although the value Readings are set up to 10 minutes, I got readings only every 60 minutes instead…

Other forums say the device will report UV, but not indoors. The only way to get it to report a nonzero reading is to take it outdoors.