Aeotec MultiSensor 6 erocm123 not updating

Still trying and failing to get these f*cking MultSensor 6s to do what I want using erocm123 driver.

I have one in the bathroom that I want to use for motion for the lights, and humidity to control the bath fan. I have a second one outside for motion for a light, plus I want to use the illuminance sensor to set a smarthings mode.

Both sensor are battery operated. Both have selective reporting enabled. What I want to happen is for them to sleep as long as possible, but when the illuminance changes, or humidity changes, to send a report immediately. Toward that end I have the bathroom sensor setup with a HumidChange amount of 1 and the outdoor one with an IllumChangeAmount of 1. Both have a report interval of 1 hour.

My understanding of what should happen in that case is that a regular report on state of the device is sent every hour, but if illum or humidity change more than 1 unit, a report is sent immediately.

It doesn’t behave that way. In fact I can’t even characterize the way the devices are behaving. They seem to send reports at seemingly random intervals. Perhaps they are hourly. I haven’t had a lot of spare hours just to sit around and wait for a report from this stupid device.

First off the Preference of each device are different! even though I’ve setup IllumChangeAmount in the app on my outdoor device, I don’t see that preference in the IDE.

Right now the device in the bathroom says it’s last humidity state changed 3 hours ago, even though I just took a shower in there.

The illum sensor on the outside device says 90 lux in the shade on a sunny day 1hr ago, updating to 129 lux 21 minutes ago. Why at this interval? What triggered the update? I have no effing clue.

I would appreciate any insight into how these POS (not point of sale!) devices actually work. I find them thoroughly, nonsensically, wanting to throw them in the trash confusing.

Why does one have an led that flashes green and the other blue? Why does one have certain Preference values in the IDE but those same values are not available on the other device?

Device Handler:

  • Aeon Multisensor 6 (Advanced)
  • github: Eric Maycock (erocm123)
  • email:
  • Date: 2016-08-18 6:45 PM
  • Copyright Eric Maycock