Aeotec MultiSensor 6 Issue with updating

I have a Aeotec MultiSensor 6 that has been in my bathroom for about a year without issues. I use to sense the humidity and kick on the furnace face to help spread the steam around.

I recently has some issues and had to replace my hub. It was a giant undertaking, but finally have everything back online and all my automation working, with the exception of this multisensor.

I’ve update the firmware (v1.13) to the newest release, and configured the newest device handler from:

For some reason I cannot get this thing to function normally. It always has the orange dot saying it need to push the configuration (let it sit for 16 hours). It rarely updates even when the humidity changes from 44% to 95%.

I have tried removing and repairing, hitting the button on the back to put it into configuration mode, etc…

Any ideas would really be appreciated. I am pulling whats left of my hair our here.


This is what the debug log keep saying… Looks like it is trying to update the configuration. It just repeats this everytime I hit the config button, but never reports any changes.

3:03:33 PM: debug Parameter 81 will be updated to 2
3:03:33 PM: debug Parameter 111 will be updated to 240
3:03:32 PM: debug Parameter 4 will be updated to 0
3:03:32 PM: debug Parameter 42 will be updated to 1
3:03:32 PM: debug Parameter 40 will be updated to 1
3:03:32 PM: debug Parameter 101 will be updated to 0
3:03:32 PM: debug Requesting device firmware version
3:03:32 PM: debug Device Bathroom Sensor woke up