Aeotec micro switch wiring for 3-way switch

Anyone want to take a stab at how to wire the Aeotec micro switch to the following 3-way setup?

Connect line to switch Line L (black) and Line N (white).
Connect load to switch Load L (black) and Load N (white)
Disconnect 3-wire cable from line !
Connect Common from the right switch (I think it is black on the pic.) to Aeon control.
Connect Common from the left switch to the second point on the Aeon control.

Better yet, apply Mike Maxwell’s hack to the switches (converting toggles to momentary) and disconnect black from 3-wire cable from everything.

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Thanks for the speedy response. I think I understand part of what you are saying, but it’s still not entirely clear. I know just enough about the wiring to give myself an occasional jolt.

When you refer to connecting the line and load wires to the “switch”, you’re referring to the Aeotec switch, correct?

Also, when you refer to common, that’s the common terminal on the switch, correct?

And finally, will there be any use for the traveler wire or the neutral wire from switch 2?

I wish it were easy to draw it as a diagram.


Sorry, I’ve done it many times in my house; and to me, it probably looks easier than it actually is.

Ok, to be clear, I’ll stick to the terms ‘wall switch’ and ‘Aeotec module’ (btw, they also come in ‘dimmer’ flavor").

And yes, line and load cables go to the HIGH side (marked as AC Power and Load) of the Aeotec module. Connect white wires to the respective ‘N’ terminals and blacks - to ‘L’s.

Now, we’ve reached a decision point. You could either use virgin 3-way toggle switches or convert them to act as momentary. I personally prefer the latter because a) the setup looks more natural, b) it goes nicely with the dimmers and more importantly, you can have as many wall switches (locations) as you like. As I’ve mentioned, Mike Maxwell has a video with instructions for modifying Legrand Adorne; and it is even easier to fix common paddle switches. Of course, you could go fancy and just buy the thing

If you choose momentary switches, connect them in parallel to Aeotec module CONTROL side (2 terminals labeled with the switch symbol. ‘+3V’ terminal remains open). Black wire from the 3-wire cable on the pic. should not be connected to anything.

For toggles, their Common terminals go to Aeotec module CONTROL side (same terminals as above). And the remaining pairs of terminals (on the wall switches) are connected as you would do in a traditional installation. Note that you now need all 3 wire from the pictured 3-wire cable.

of course, if I were a little smarter I could have offered “” instead of typing a story. But …:slight_smile: