Aeotec Micro Smart Switch second gen - wiring, pairing and flickering!

Bought one of these

Aeotec Micro Smart Switch (2nd Edition) DSC18103-ZWEU - Z-Wave to add to my reasonably extensive smartthings home and had already successfully used a fibraro controller for a radiator so was reasonable relaxed about the wiring.

This was to control a bathroom light switch (which has 3 LED lights) Switch itself has a live (red), neutral (black) and earth.

Followed instructions (and what I thought was common sense), which was

existing live from switch moved to live Ion the aeo (3rd from left)
existing neutral from switch moved to neutral on the aeo (2nd from left)
other live and neutral on the aeo bridged (1st left and 4th left)
couple of cables out of the aeo to com and L1 respectively on switch

as here

Powered on and lights in room continued to switch on and off (at around a 1/2 second intervals)
also checked it was set for a 2 way rather than 3 way as per manual and seemed fine
… and finally - when tried to pair - it won’t find it!

Any advise on some/all of above?

I think you may have made an incorrect assumption on the original switch wiring, I don’t think you have a neutral in the switch box. On the instruction page you linked to, the 2 wires removed from the switch in the picture in step 2 would be wires 1 & 3 in the picture in step 5. Those would be line and load (not neutral). Neutral is the wires numbered 2 in step 5 and should be white. Do you even have that in the box? Most likely, the wires that were on the switch were line (black) and load (red).

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Same exact thing happened to me when I thought I had a neutral and didn’t.

Thanks for the replies. I posted this in the UK forum as this a UK install. Apologies I should have made this clearer (so you’re not going to find a white wire in our installs!)

the wires I have available are red (live) black (neutral) and an earth.

Since you have the old UK colours (red instead of brown, black instead of blue), did you test every segment of every circuit to make sure that it was clear exactly which ones did what? It does sound like it’s wired incorrectly, but it can be hard to tell exactly what’s going on, particularly in a multi-switch set up, without testing each segment.

Meanwhile, I noticed the link in your first post is to the US guide for the dimmer switch (DSC27103).

I don’t know if it will help any, but this is the UK guide for the model that you actually have:

What kind of physical switch are you using?

@stephen_degnan I really don’t think you have a neutral in your switch. Your switch will always need a live coming in and switched live going back out to the load. If you have a neutral it will be a third unused and terminated wire in the back box. So you would expect 4 wires. Live, switched live, neutral and earth.
If you only have 3 as you described then you have no neutral.

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Hi guys,
Im somewhat confused by the schematics that Aeotec provided in the manual and my wiring. Would anyone be kind enough to shed some light as to what wire goes where?
As you can see, there is a pair of blue wires [Neutral], a pair of brown [Live], and a pair of green/yellow [Earth]. I’ve so far connected the Open/Close Micro Switch connection to the Wall Switch.

Thank you. Really appreciate it.

Unfortunately you cannot base it on colours that you have live and neutral. Where is your switched live?

Old style switches would have 1 live (coming in) 1 switched live (goes to bulbs) and possibly earth.

Newer installations often have the above plus a neutral cable presented but not connected to anything.

Hope that helps you work it out.

Hi guys I’ve got this switch and it’s paired to ST, how ever the switch (wall) no longer works and just seems to dim the lights any ideas please

I’m guessing you’ve got a standard toggle light switch connected. If you have then you need to set the trigger mode parameter away from momentary to toggle.

Yeah standard switch, but how do I change the trigger mode? Please

I suggest you use @Mike_Maxwell’s excellent device handler here and change it in settings. Another plus is that you will also get almost instant state updates into smartthings.

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Thanks for the help all worked using this. Thanks again

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Thanks, I test that one, when you mean “change in setting’s” where do I do
that as I don’t have the opinion to change setting’s?

Once you assign the device handler to the switch you will see some preferences for the device in the Smartthings app for your switch. Just change the trigger mode to toggle.

Thanks all works now

You’re welcome, just happy that I guessed the right root cause!

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Hey a4
Ive asked an electrician who came and connected the device at the mains switch panel. According to the electrician, the device could handle up to 10A but the current controlled by the switch was 15A. So if I installed it at the back of the manual switch, it would have eventually burnt.

I’ve connected it successfully to smartthings. My problem is, I can switch it ON (and it does work instanteneously) and I could see the light on the switch come on. So far so good.
But switching OFF via smartthings doesnt work. In order to switch it off, I had to press the button on the actual aeon device itself. So there must be something wrong with the device handler or the settings I’m using.
I’m using Mike’s DH. The settings are:
State change notice: Report
Trigger mode: Momentary
Blinker mode: Flasher

Any ideas?

Funny thing is that the STROBE button works. So I “am” able to switch it OFF through smartthings - just not if I press OFF.
So definitely something wrong with the DH or the settings.