Aeotec Micro Smart Switch second gen - wiring, pairing and flickering!

What kind of switch are you using? Can you share a photo?

its the micro switch 2e

Sorry @drchris, seems very strange that you pressing locally on the switch it working and not via the smartthings app.
I would like to try two things:

  • try a zwave repair
  • try to switch off the lights, press refresh, switch on the lights press refresh.

Not sure what else you can try after that if it’s still not working.

Hey @a4refillpad

In fact, its rather strange. To be honest, I have a suspicion its the way the electrician set the switch up for me - to control an electrical fuse, which controls the hot water, rather than the hot water switch itself.

Switching ON works fine. And pressing the button on the switch itself switches OFF the hot water.

So it made me wonder if the command that the button executes is most likely a RESET rather than an off. So, perhaps (with some instructions) I can change the device handler to execute RESET instead of OFF when I press the OFF button?

What do you think?

Sorry, anyone else have a clue what’s up with @drchris’s setup?