Aeotec micro dimmer g2 not reporting energy stats

I bought a few Aeotec micro dimmers (part number DSC27103-ZWUS). After installing an pairing them I don’t get the ability to view the energy stats. I have tried several device types in the IDE; however, no matter what I do, I just get – as reported by the switch. I followed some of the other posts that recommended to use the Aeon Illuminatir module device type. I have done that, and in the IDE the current states are listed only as “switch and level”.
Any help would be appreciated!!!

wonder if you have a old model that does not report energy or power. You quoted a model# that DOES but there are many similar looking Aeon modules.

I’d try one of the Aeon device types that I have that do report KWH+, such as “Aeon Outlet” and “Zwave Metering Switch” .

Thank you for your quick response. I ordered these from Amazon, and they have the proper part number on the boxes. I will try your suggesstion and will post back.

I changed to both the outlet and the z-dimmer energy switch. Still nothing.

Sean, I have that model switch in my ceiling fan light and I am using the device handler called “Aeon Illuminator Module” and it is working for me. Leave it alone because I remember the energy readout wasn’t immediate for some reason. I can’t remember what I did to get the energy reading to start showing up but I believe I may have submitted a support ticket?