Aeotec Home Energy Monitor (5th Gen)

Hi Guys n Gals…I’m quite new to Smartthings but I have an extensive computer and electronics background. My Aeotec monitoring system is showing a current reading of 2380 watts. I live in a small home in Florida and the central AC is ON. Doesn’t that seem to be quite low? With those readings, I could buy a portable generator (albeit a beefy one) to power my home during hurricane outages. Does it seem like my sensors are reporting incorrect numbers, or does this seem normal. My home is quite small (2000) Sq Ft. But the central AC is running.

that is about half what I would expect. You can check amps with a clampmeter which requires no contact with the conductors, but you’d probably have to take the cover off the breaker box.

So, you know, don’t electrocute yourself. Assume a wire has lifted off and the cover is hot.

Hi @djwilly,

When you switch off the AC, what will be the power reading?

Can you see a placard on your AC with brand, type and power rating to compare it with the power metered?

Depends also on the the mode the AC is working: cooling vs ventilation is a difference. Turn the control to max cool and check the Aeotec reading once more.

The Home Monitor is at the heart of your wiring, measuring all the users power consumption?

Grtn Ben