Power / energy monitor of HVAC / central AC?

I have a number of individual power / energy reporting plugs around the house, monitoring my servers, TVs, refrigerators, etc., as well as an aeotec energy monitor on my breaker panel. I’ve been wondering, however, if there is a way to monitor my central AC and HVAC blower individually. They don’t plug in to an outlet, so I can’t just get another plug to pass them through.

Anybody have experience adding these types of hardwired appliances into a monitoring solution? I suppose at that rate, I might as well include the dishwasher too!

I use an Aeotec energy monitor on the 240v breaker for my A/C compressor and another split between the 120v breaker for my HVAC blower and my 120v well pump. There’s a device handler on ST that will split the probes from the Aeotec and show them individually. This is all done in the breaker panel where it’s easier to isolate the hot wire from the neutral.