Aeotec HEM gen2 unable to connect to hubv2

I have the Gen2 HEM from Aeotec. At one point it was connected to my v2 Hub, but after a move to a new house, it no longer pairs up. the red LED keeps blinking slowly. The hub says its not connected, but occasionally the HEM will have a solid led, meaning its connected. but the hub says otherwise.

Ive tried excluding the HEM, the hub which will occasionally say device successfully excluded. but the HEM never shows up in the hub.

below is the events list from when the HEM thinks its connected, but nothing shows up in the APP.

If you are using a custom device handler, login to IDE, open it and Publish for Me again. Exclude it and try to add.

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I was able to manually create a device. I just entered 18 in device ID and then used a device handler I normally use previously. It seems to be working fine now.

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