Aeotec HEM gen2 unable to connect to hubv2

I have the Gen2 HEM from Aeotec. At one point it was connected to my v2 Hub, but after a move to a new house, it no longer pairs up. the red LED keeps blinking slowly. The hub says its not connected, but occasionally the HEM will have a solid led, meaning its connected. but the hub says otherwise.

Ive tried excluding the HEM, the hub which will occasionally say device successfully excluded. but the HEM never shows up in the hub.

below is the events list from when the HEM thinks its connected, but nothing shows up in the APP.

If you are using a custom device handler, login to IDE, open it and Publish for Me again. Exclude it and try to add.

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I was able to manually create a device. I just entered 18 in device ID and then used a device handler I normally use previously. It seems to be working fine now.

Use Gen2 Aoetec Home Energy Monitoring (HEM) device with latest Samsung Smartthings API and hub.

I had two AEOTEC Gen2 Home Energy Monitoring installed (one for house consumption) one for solar production and when Samsung upgraded to new IOS API lost both of them… Drove me nuts as the new app would only recognize Gen 5 Home Energy Monitor… Here is how I solved this
The HEMs did still register with Samsung Hub. Follow this article to install HEM Gen2 Github code by ClassicGOD. Other handlers did NOT work.

Then go on your Ipad/Iphone and click the three bars upper left corner. choose SmartApps then click + button upper right to add Smart App. Scroll all the way down to custom, where you should find AEOTE C HEM+ Tap on it and assign a name. It uses Gen5 options such as Voltage which won’t be shown in the interface, You can deselect those in the app under 3 dots in upper right corner. Nice improvement over the old tiles is that you can see e.g. last month daily usage by tapping on the vertical bars upper right in the Energy consumption field. For second monitor just set up the same way again and give it different name