Aeon HEM V2 pairing issues

I know this has been covered a bit before, but none of the original posts resolve my issue. I currently have a singe HEM V2 monitoring my entire home and bought a second to move from circuit-to-circuit for a better feel of where my baseline 500 W usage is coming from (we are connected to solar so on the hunt for the vampires). I had to exclude the HEM first, which it did so successfully. Using the Android app, I place the HUB it into discovery mode, press the black button under the back cover to pair. The LED on the HEM begins blinking quickly for a few seconds,. and then goes solid as if discovered and paired. However, I never get a new item in the application. Looking at the log, I see:

[56458116-aea2-45d7-901a-77c11730df0c] 5:07:48 PM: debug No devices to add, verified devices: [:]

[56458116-aea2-45d7-901a-77c11730df0c] 5:07:48 PM: debug detecting status for 586c3845-09d0-4af5-849f-601b32df4285 : true

[56458116-aea2-45d7-901a-77c11730df0c] 5:07:48 PM: trace in ssdpDiscover

These log entries rep[eat over and over as long as I leave discovery on.
So, looks like it found the device, the device registered itself on the z-wave network, but ST decided it did not need to be added. Rinse and repeat, results in exactly the same circumstances. If I exclude the device from the z-wave network, go into discovery mode without activating pairing mode on the HEM, the trace logs do not appear. Any thoughts, or do I have a dud?

These HEM’s can be finicky, so do a General Zwave Exclude via the ST app (Zwave Utilities) on the HEM and try again.

Thanks. I’ve done that about 5 times now. Each time I get a confirmation from ST that a device has been excluded.

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If you have a custom device handler for it, republish it.

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This, I had a similar issue with a smartplug. From all indications it would pair according to the device but it never would show up in the app as paired. Brad from ST reached out and said there is some kind of issue with DTH’s going stale, I don’t know if I understand what that means, but once I removed the offending DTH the device connected. In my case it was a DTH for the smartplug that I wasn’t even using. I apparently had loaded and published it but then went with another one and did not remove it. I know there are a few different DTHs for the HEM around so make sure you remove them all, then if it pairs you can add back the one you want to use… Now it was the Zigbee side of the plug that was having issues, and I don’t know if this pertains to Zwave.

Also it’s been awhile, as I have had my HEM paired for quite some time, but i do remember it being a bit tricky to get it paired., but it sounds like you know that.

That did the trick. Thanks!

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