Aeotec Dusk to Dawn Motion Sensor that Turns on Porch Light?

Like to use an Aeotec Multisensor 6 to turn on porch lights at night only. Anybody got automations for SmartThings that can do this?

Instead of using a lux sensor, I use the Smart Lighting smartapp to turn on my outside lights at sunset and then off at sunrise.

If you decide to use a lux sensor, you can still use the Smart Lighting smartapp to turn on a light with illuminance as a trigger.


Sorry wasn’t clear in my topic description. I want detected motion to turn on the lights for a set period (4 minutes), but only from dusk to dawn. Don’t want motion to trigger lights during the daytime.

You can still use SmartLighting to do that too. I already do that with my porch lights: (tap image to see the whole thing and look at more options)


It worked. Thank you very much.

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