Control lights with motion only when it's dark?

I would like to control some lights using motion control but I only want the light to come on if both motion is detected and the room is not already lit with sunlight. Is that possible? Are there both sensors the detect motion and ambient light?


aeon sensors can detect flux and below is a link to a smartapp to setup this very function from Tim and Michael

Yes indeed, for a pretty comprehensive list of apps for a variety of things look here.

One of the apps that I use is “Bright when dark and/or bright after sunset”

There should be an app in that list that will do what you want

And in a pinch you can use the “Weather Tile” as a LUX sensor. It (mostly) works. [OBSOLETE] Smart Weather Station Tile Device - #15 by nelemansc

Is it working again? I moved away from it with hardware instead because it would stop or I would have to remove and re-add for it to work

Been Ok for me since we regained stability following “the really bad week” :smile:

I use my own modified version which tries to update more frequently around sunrise/sunset for better lux control, along with @RBoy 's controller smart app.