Aeon smart energy switch

Have an odd question for troubleshooting. Have new aeon smart energy switch, and it’s the oddest thing. I plug it in the bedroom directly below the outlet I have a ge external lamp zwave switch. I can turn on and off the lamp module. I cannot get the aeon to turn on and off. Move it 5 feet down the hall … Works no problem.

It worked in its current spot for the first hour, but sense then has gone unresponsive in that outlet.

Any thoughts on why and what is happening? Clearly there is a repeater as there is that ge device, plus another 10 feet away through two walls in my daughters room. It should have sufficient zwave mesh coverage.

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Try running a zwave repair, that usually sorts this out for me.

Good idea, would like to try that.

I am looking in the app, went into the settings, Home Hub and see Zwave utilities, but nothing for a zwave repair. I am feeling like a newb again. How does one do that to a ST controlled zwave system.

FOUND IT…in the IDE. be nice to have in the app.

it’s in the app too, home (where your account info is), then the gear, then hub…

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