Aeon Smart Energy Outlet Switch

I live in a 600 sq ft apartment and cannot get the switch to work properly. It turns on the light (sometimes) but seldom turns off light. My “Goodbye” and “I’m back” routines are set to turn off/on the light respectively but never work. I have two of the switches, tried both, tried excluding and re-adding, nothing works. Moved my hub (v2) further from wifi router but nothing working. Should note the switch works fine in the room where the router is. There’s also a straight shot down the hallway (i.e. No solid walls) to the problematic switch. Do I need a z wave repeater? Should that matter in an apartment this small? Hub is about 3 feet from router (just because that’s the only extra Ethernet cord I have). Should I move it further away?


Have you tried change the channel that your router is operating on? Just I thought. I know the image is showing zigbee, but same concept.

I use two of these as well, but have plenty of z-wave light switches that act as repeaters.

Z-Wave is 900 Mhz (varies by country, but all sub-1 Ghz), so definitely no interference from WiFi.

Longer range, actually, but drawbacks in other features…

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  1. try swapping the switches to see if the problem moves.

  2. ST hub also has an orientation strength component, so rotating it can make a difference.

I’ve tried swapping the two switches. Nothing helped. As far as the orientation, my apartment is basically a long rectangle connected from front (where hub is located) to back by a side hall. The hub is facing tge back room (i.e. The three small lights face down the length of the apartment). It doesn’t seem like this should be so difficult to get a light switch to work in a 600 sq ft apartment. Loosing faith in this hub…

Maybe your presence sensor is not working? Did you try changing routine manually to see if it’s working?

Not it either Ray. The switch doesn’t turn the lamp on or off consistently with me standing in the apartment and pressing on/off on ST app