Aeon Multisensor DSB05-ZWUS Reporting Interval

New here so hopefully this is not old news. I have an Aeon Multisensor (Gen 4) that works well except for the battery life. I am using the ST standard Aeon Multisensor device type so I am getting all the data. I was getting motion triggers frequently, so I turned down the sensitivity and they only come when there is actual motion. I thought that would help make the battery last longer, but it is still draining it quickly.

The only thing I can figure out is that maybe the device thinks I am connected to power and is staying awake. It is reporting temperature, lux, humidity, and battery level every 8 minutes or so depending on the threshold.

I have the newest firmware installed.

Is this a setup issue that I need to try to setup it up again to make sure it is on battery power, bad device, or normal reporting and usage? I am trying to keep the device local so I have not tried any custom code yet.