Sensors and Detectors: constant updates and battery life

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I understand that the motion detectors such as the Aeon and the multisensors are constantly updating information like temperature or humidity/lux. Just wondering if there’s a way to make the updates less frequent to preserve battery life? Or is it just not battery intensive at all? There must be some more efficiency to be gained by less frequent updates, right?

Yes, I would be interested in this as well. It would be nice to change the polling interval for items like that. Although, I would assume that other than cutting down on wireless needs, that this would not save a whole lot of energy on the devices.

It would definitely clean up the activity feeds as well.

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I think cleaning up the activity feed would be useful, although I would rather have an option to “mute” devices like this for that purpose.

I have an Aeon Aeotec Multi-Sensor mounted outdoors (where it’s chatty as hell even with sensitivity turned down) and it still only uses about 1% battery a day for the last couple of months. I figure I’m ok with changing the batteries every 3 months if I must, but I’d rather not have to deal with the notices about lux levels and humidity, instead just take action based on them. :smile: