Aeon MultiSensor DSB05 - ZWEU (868.42 MHz) and Latest Hub

Hi, I am trying to get these two to talk. No luck. I have updated the firmware on the MultiSensor to 1.8 which I think is the lastest and the hub is running 14.13.

Is there are trick, or does it simply not work ?


Pat (NooB)

Thanks, this has helped.

The device is now visible in the app. And can detect motion,

It took several minutes before the other Attributes (Temp, Humidity, Lux, Battery) showed up, which made me think it had failed.

There is a configure panel on this screen, but it does nothing ? Should it ?

Thanks again.


That’s a relic from the v1 app

Ok, thanks again for your help ! Very good and very quick :slight_smile:

I just got one of these sensors, run V2 hub, updated it to new software but it only reports motion and nothing else in the app… Also think it loses connection to network. Can anyone explain what the led blinks mean? Any ideas on how to rest? a better device type? etc. thanks