AEON Multisensor - Battery DIed

I left the batteries in to long on the Aeon Muti and it died. I replaced the batteries and can’t figure out how to get it back. I’m hesitant to remove and re add it as the last time I did that I needed support to fix it.

Anyone know how to resuscitate this guy?

Never mind - it came back to life overnight :slight_smile:

Is there someone in the community help me with an idea I would like to put in the device type for the aeon multisensor?

Idea: Have a choice to choose to say whether or not it is battery powered or plugged into power. Then if battery power is chosen, when it detects a battery change from < 5% to 100% it will start an elapse timer and it will continue until the next time the power went from <5% to 100% and then send a notification out of the time of life the batteries had.