Aeon Multisensor 6 Battery Status Not Updating

Before I go ahead and open a support ticket I wanted to see if anyone else is getting any battery status updates from their Multisensor 6 units. Mine will say 100% all the way up to the point that the batteries die. Anyone got anything to remedy this or is it worth it to by support over? Thanks!

I have no experience with the device currently, but I have two suggestions. A, the device firmware reports the battery in a binary state, charged, or dead. But that wouldn’t be very useful would it. Perhaps another possibility is you’re parsing of the value, from decimal to binary, conversion into percentage. Maybe some rounding is happening somewhere you didn’t intend?

I can’t wait to get more devices and play with these features myself.

I have 10 multisensor 6 and all of them have the same issue. Reporting 100% all the way and when it’s 1% left I suddenly get a battery warning. Also problems with battery only lasting 4 weeks on all 10 units ± a week. Have upgraded the sensors to latest firmware.

Any one else have the same issue. And any fix?