AEON multisensor 1% battery message but its USB powered?

Does anyone have an idea why I occasionally (1x / month or so) get messages from my AEON multisensor saying the battery is down to 1%, even though it is being USB-powered? I don’t even think it has any batteries in it. The messages are easy to ignore, but nonetheless irritating.

no batteries in it! Well there’s your problem.

I like the line-powered devices to have batteries too. It could conceivably operate in a power failure.

mine shows – where the percentage is for the batteries for I have my plugged in as well. My motion is stuck on all the time and this aeon sensor is in the attic and it is always dark and no movement.

Just rechecked, and confirmed it does not have the batteries installed. The status on the ST tile shows “100% battery” status. So a true low battery status doesn’t seem to explain the occasional “1%” message I get.

While looking at the OpenHAB forum I came upon this statement regarding the AEON Multi-Sensor

Power - It’s important to ‘Include’ the Multi-Sensor while it’s powered as you intent to use it.
If you’re going to use batteries, install and include the MultiSensor while it’s using batteries power. If you plan to use USB powered, then include while running on USB power

Does anybody know if this also applies to SmartThings? In added my Multi-Sensors while they were battery operated and then decided to power them through the USB.

I use 3 aeon multi sensors as repeaters (if they actually do that…) with no batteries inside. It makes it flimsy but kind of works. They are usb powered only. When I started using them they were battery powered. Once I removed them it started showing 100% battery and said something in the lines of it is now powered.

I don’t believe they work as repeaters, even when plugged in.

@tyler oops! Crap! If It does not act as repeaters even when powered it is time to get rid of it and it will be good for WAF. I should have stuck with ST zigbee powered (repeater) and Fibaro zwave multi sensors (coz they are good but not repeaters) only.

Update: my bad… I was talking about ST first generation ones powered. So only one Aeon powered to get rid of. I am losing my mind and memory.