ST Temp/Humidity vs Aeon Multisensor

I installed both the devices in my basement to monitor temperature and humidity. I am pleasantly surprised they are both showing more or less the same reading with occasional minor variance (one degree). I also have a AcuRite humidity monitor from Amazon which shows more or less the same variance. Using the Aeon multi for motion activating a GE link bulb which is working ok with a little lag in the sense it lights up when I am on the last stair to the basement…

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Hi again, Ron!

Have you used the light sensor in the aeon? We were considering getting one to try but I’ve only seen negative comments regarding the light sensor but haven’t found any other options.

Sent you the details… But used my iPhone to respond. Did you get the details?

I take it back. The light sensor has not been changing at all with it stuck at 7 lux even if I switch on couple of lights versus totally dark in the basement.

Have you tried tapping the configure button to refresh its config settings. See below for more info:

Have been doing that! I haven’t followed the instructions though above changing the code and device type.

Ok guys! Here’s what I am going to do. It’s going to be a sunny day tomorrow. Will take the aeon multi for a test to my office. In direct sunlight as per typically it should be between 32000 - 100000 lux.this will be another test for st IDE If they can handle such big numbers! :slight_smile:

I googled and found the full technical details about the aeon multi including what the different parameters mean, what the settings should be, what the internal defaults are, how to’s and all the tidbits. It’s a link to a pdf file and not sure if I can post it here (if not already done). Not even sure who owns it and I would guess you all must have found it too.

According to the docs, the aeon can only go to 1000 lux. I have two outside and this is where they max out. Indoors they only read 11-30 lux in brightly lit rooms. I have only ever had the lux over 50 indoors by shining a bright light directly at the multi.

I played around with the code for a new device type deriving from aeon multi device type but could never make the lux to work.

My lux works, but it only appears to pick up direct light. I have a thing shield with a light sensor on it and that combo works flawlessly. I also tested with lux meter for android. My nexus 5 only has a pinhole light sensor, and its readings are about the same as the aeon multi.

Which one should I go with? They are installed in my basement and are 12-15 inches apart…, hmmm…

Aeon Lab:
Humidity always stuck at 57 or 58 for hrs. Temp.: 72

Humidity always stuck at 51 or 52 for hrs. Temp: 75

Simple AcuRite unit: broken…

One of them has to be inaccurate. No?

BTW: this is what I found about the Aeon Multi internals:

For my bedrooms I will likely build something using the shield. I don’t expect it to be a cheaper solution, but it will be more accurate. The aeon labs seem to be ±1-3 degrees in variance and ±5 points of humidity. I had two aeon multis at opposite ends of a large room, and they would sometimes vary by as much as 3 degrees. It depends on the airflow and window positions of the room. The ST multi has a temp offset. I have three of those and they are all using different offsets.

K. I set the offset to -3 on ST and so all the three readings are now 72.

Aron multi, ST and AcuRite (simple).

AcuRite appears to be the best. I dropped it, stepped on it, the stands are gone but it is working fine and steady. :slight_smile:

What did you use as a benchmark to calibrate the others?

I have an indoor accurite and my arudino multi-sensor.

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