Aeon Mukti-sensor humidity monitoring?


I recently completed a mini project involving an 2 Aeon smart switches and the Aeon multi-sensor.

I have a extractor fan system in the loft that I wanted to control when humidity rose.

I’ve tried the SmartApps HumitidyAlert and SmartHumidifier in the Climate section of SmartApps. Both don’t appear to work.

I set thresholds to come on and off and they do t kick in it switch off the Aeon micro smart switch. However, I can control this independently.

Can anyone recommend other apps?

All I’m after is a smart app that turns the fan system on at a threshold I.e. For when bathing, showering it drying cloths and off when the humidity drops.

I’ve also tried Bathroom Light/Fan Control and that seemed to switch the fan on but at random levels and then off again within minutes.

SmartHumidifier should be the app for you. When you say it isn’t working can you be more specific on how you came about that conclusion? Maybe it is working but something else is the problem.

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That’s what I thought. Basically it appears to switch on (occasionally) but fail to turn off when threshold met.

To be honest now I think of it this might be part of a wider issues. Over the last 5 days might devices have randomly stopped responding. Always seems to happen late evening/early hours of the morning. I’m having to do numerous z-wave restores and power cycles to get things working.

I’ve come down this morning to see none of my outdoor lighting switched off at sunrise even though the commands have been sent.