Humidifier controlled using humidity alert?

Hi Im trying to get my humidifier to be controlled using a humidity sensor. I started out with a smartthings smart outlet and an everspring humidity sensor and could not get it to work. I was able to get the humidity to report correctly but it never controlled the switch. So thinking it was my sensor i sent it back and got an aeon multisensor 6. I still have the same issue. I have attempted downloading and installing different smartapps and device handlers but still no success. Does anyone know how to get this to work?

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Yes, use CoRE. I have SmartThings temp/humidity sensors in each bathroom, and when the humidity reaches a certain % it turns on an exhaust fan, and then it turns it off when it goes below that %.

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Thank you so much. I just did a quick online course about core and my humidifier is up and running. It was super simple to setup. I wish I would have come here a long time ago cause I have wasted days and maybe a couple weeks on this. I called samsung and they said officially they do not support humidity sensors of any kind. They did refer me to the community though and what can I say I had my answer in under an hour. Again thank you and I already love core.

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You’re very welcome, and glad to hear everything worked out!

LOL, maybe you should remind them that they actually have a SmartThings branded device they made a couple years ago with an officially supported device handler! That’s too funny.

Care to share which course you took for core?

Take a look here and under the letter “C”"


thank you
this finally got mine working the way I wanted
SmartThings custom humidiity monitoring rule, Smart humidifier, and Humidity Alert didn’t work.

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What’s a good humidifier? I keep getting low humidity alerts from my ecobee.

That depends upon the size of your home, and the type of heating you have (forced air, radiators, etc). There are some DIY humidifiers on the market that will install on your existing HVAC unit, and standalone floor units, but I’d personally prefer to have an HVAC pro help me spec and install it.

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Been boiling water and purchased one from Walmart that did absolutely nothing.

Just want something that I can put on a smart plug to turn on to humidify the air. Maybe 2 or 3?

House is 3200 sq.ft. Forced air with gas pack Downstairs and split forced Upstairs with handler in attic. House built in 2000.

LOL, been there, done that!

At my daughter’s place, we got her something almost exactly like this: (ours is an older model by the same company)

Since she’s renting we couldn’t (or allowed to) modify anything, so we had to go with a standalone unit instead of an HVAC installed humidifier. So far that unit has worked pretty well. The only disadvantage is that they have to fill water bottles every few days depending on the dryness and settings of the humidifier.

We’ve never hooked it up to any kind of smartswitch where it turns the unit off, so I’m not sure what happens when power is restored and if it will run without someone intervening to press a button.

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I have bought humidifier after reading reviews and it is working fine and controll humidity very well and one more thing i want to mention is that it is very inexpensive.

Awesome! I have 3 relatively cheap humidifiers which hardly runs now because I updated my 2 HVAC systems. Plus, my wife is really into “Zen” so she has essential oil diffusers running a lot which adds humidity to the air plus “Zen”!

This winter, we were at about 40% RH on average. Before the HVAC upgrade, the house would get down to 20% RH easily. The fireplace did not have to run at all this year.

So, savings on Electric not running the humidifiers and HVAC systems as often and savings on Gas by not running the fireplace and HVAC systems as often.

BTW, your link didn’t actually link to a specific model.