Aeon Multi Sensor for Humidity Control?

I am having trouble finding a reliable humidity smart app and it appears so did other people considering the smart apps under Climate Control titled “Smart Humidifier” and “Humidity Alert” appear to not be working properly.

I simply want to use my Aeon Multi Sensor to monitor humidity and when it rises above 50% to turn on a switch and when it drops below 50% to turn off that same switch.

for the record, I have tried using IFTTT triggers but they do not seem reliable for some reason. They will work every once in a while.
and I have my Aeon sensor set to an interval of 8 minutes to create maximum data points.

I am open to suggestions or the proper code to make a smart app for this.
Thanks so much in advance!

There are a couple ways you could accomplish this.

Smart Home Monitor can do what you want, you just need to create two custom alerts. You can set a trigger for humidity greater than ___ and set “alert with lights” to turn on your switch. Then create a second custom alert with the humidity trigger below your setpoint and switch off. You can also send a push or SMS notification so you know that it was triggered.

If you’re technically inclined, you could also use the community-developed app CoRE. It’s a very flexible/complex rules engine that can do this task, and much more. But the interface can get a little overwhelming if you have no background in programming.

Ok I have set up the smart home monitor but I don’t see the second part…
Can you explain a little more detail about how to Alert with lights and make this work? Is that within the smart home monitor as well or a smart app or somewhere else?

Oh I see it now… I am in testing mode to see how this works, thanks again!!

Ok good. Here’s a support article on setting custom alerts in SHM if you want to refer to that.

Thanks for the help Mark, I am using the humidity level in my wine storage to turn on a humidifier. Now I jus need to “jimmy” the humidifier so it stays on when the smart things outlet turns it off.

Not sure what you mean?

If you want to turn on a humidifier when humidity goes below a threshold, and you want it to stay on no matter how high the humidity goes, just create one SHM custom alert and set it so that the low humidity threshold turns on your smart plug. Then you’re done.

I just realized my issue which I believe you were eluding to. So now that you gave me the knowledge to turn it on, how do I get it to stop at a pre determined level.

I was just saying thanks initially for explaining the custom rule.

Now I get your not knowing what I mean. My humidifier has a smart on/off button. Once it is shut off by a smart outlet it won’t come back on until the button on it is physically pressed again, not just the power returning. I was going to try and “jimmy” or fix it where that wasn’t the case. I’m just going to find one with a dumb switch.


Ah I see. Yeah i think what you’ve described would be tough to solve unless you cracked the device open. I would also probably find a new humidifier before I bothered to do that :slight_smile:

i totally agree with finding a new one. Do you know how i can get it to turn off? same goes for the temp which i also have plugged into a Samsung smart outlet. they come on but i have to set a notification to tell me to manually shut them off. there is a humidity control app in the marketplace apps. just wont work for a temp sensor only humidity. there has to be a simple way to let me use a temp sensor versus the humidity sensor in the program? i wish i understood this stuff better, i keep reading but it is slow going.