Aeon Minimote with Button Controller Turns devices Off but not On

In the past 1-2 weeks, I noticed that while my Minimote was able to turn my Jasco light switches OFF with the press of a button as normal, it will not turn them ON anymore after I press a button the second time.

I checked the device logs online and the ST hub appears to be registering only OFF commands to the various devices (vs. alternating between ON and OFF).

I’m stumped; please help?

Thank you!

The App uses a possibility unreliable toggle() methodology which I’ve been worried about for a while.

It won’t turn off if any of the devices assigned to the Button are already off and/or vice versa.

My proposed solution is for toggle() to be a Capability and Command added to all binary actuators, like Switch.

PM me if you wish to debug over Skype sometime.

Thanks for the quick response!

But, the interesting thing was that previously, even if some of the devices assigned to a button were already off, it would turn them on again (i.e. be smart about turning on devices off and off devices on). Not sure if there was a recent change to this app, or if any other users are experiencing this either and if there was a simpler fix?

It appears to work just fine when a button is assigned to a single device (as your post suggests).

PS - I’m not code-savvy enough to debug anything except for making minor edits to custom apps – which I just learned today :wink:

If you want, I have a modified version of Button Controller that allows you to specify On, Off, or Toggle, as well as dimmer levels (2). This might solve your toggle issue, but ST has been weird recently. You can find it here, called Scene Controller: Oh, and be careful, last I checked an ST bug was preventing the page titles from displaying, showing which button you were on – so you have to keep track.

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Since the aeon Minimote is on the official “works with SmartThings” list, I would contact and see what they say.

Thanks - reached out to Support and looks like they’re going to fix soon. See response below:

" You’re absolutely right – there’s a known issue with the Button Controller just like the one you’re describing. It has been identified and should be fixed shortly. Sorry for any inconvenience. If you have any questions going forward, please don’t hesitate to ask."

Thanks for sharing.

This is a great example, @April, where we’d love if Tech Support could share the Bug Number assigned to the issue and a way to look up the details, that way we can track it’s resolution without having to comb the line-by-line details of various Release Notes.

Actually, I’ve been considering writing a slightly better version of the Button Controller SmartApp (since I’ve written a variation already called ButtonsAsPIN…), and having the Bug List would make it possible for me to address the issues at the same time :blush:.

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any update on this? I just bumped in to the same thing. Seems like an easy fix,and until SmartThings themselves comes out with a wall mounted buttons panel and/or use the Samsung angle to create a 6" touchpanel/tablet for us (hint hint!), I would hope they would fix this bug.

What SmartApp are you using with the Minimote? And what problems are you currently experiencing?

I’m using the standalone Button Controller and it works OK. It runs into the “toggle” issue I described above, but never takes more than 2 (well… Perhaps sometimes 3?) presses to get the desired result. 1 press is usually sufficient.

Not sure if this will help but when my minimote was acting wonky, I had to re-pair it by standing about a foot away from the hub. That fixed my problem with non-responding button presses.

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