Cree Bulb and Minimote Toggle

(Chris) #1

Sending this one to support as well since both these devices are officially supported, but thought I would kick it around here in case any one else is having this super strange issue.

The setup: 2x bedroom lamps, always powered up with a Cree Connected bulb in each, controlled by an Aeon Minimote using the stock ST button controller app.

The issue: ‘Toggle’ does not seem to work to turn off the bulbs. Initially I thought that either 1) the state of the bulbs was not updating or 2) the toggle app was not retrieving the state correctly. After further investigation, the bulb state is reflected accurately on the ‘thing’ tile almost immediately, and when the Minimote sends the off command the thing tile updates to ‘off,’ BUT the actual bulb stays on. Changing the state with the tile works fine. Sending a discrete off command via Minimote works fine too.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #2

This requires adding some log tracing to the Device Handler(s) to isolate the bug.

Does it occur on any other type of light (Switch)?

(Chris) #3

I’ll double check when I get home, but pretty sure not. Toggling two Cree’s and one GE dimmer, so easy enough to test.

(Chris) #4

I was actually using @bravenel 's awesome enhanced version of the stock button controller app, so I removed it and tested with the stock app. Everything seemed to work normally. This made me think the enhanced app had a bug or a new issued with an undocumented platform update… buuut I readded the enhanced app, set up my config exactly the same and now it is working perfectly again. Strange times indeed.

(Bruce) #5

Weird. I’ve been using my Scene Controller app for many months now without any glitch I could attribute to it. However, having said that, it should always be an early debug step to uninstall/reinstall anything suspect. It would seem that the ST platform sometimes drops internal links.

For those just joining, here is Scene Controller, for more functions from a Minimote:

(Christopher Masiello) #6

I have this setup and it works fine. Hmm