Problems with Aeon Micro Smart Switch

(Mason) #1

Installed this on a ceiling fan/light (on the light, not the wall switch because that’s where neutral wire is). Used trained electrician who followed the instructions. SmartThings recognizes the switch as an Aeon Outlet (not switch) and will not control it properly. I can monitor on/off but not control the switch. And what’s worse is the wall switch no longer controls the light, which is full-time off. So I have to uninstall it for now rather than just fix the SmartThings issue, since I need the light and my electrician can’t wait around all day to solve this problem.

Ideas? Anyone else have this problem?

(Eric) #2

FYI like you, my Aeon Micro Smart Switch (AMSS) is located in base of ceiling fan+light, controlling the single power feed coming from the wall switch. My wallswitch is always on with a finger guard.

my device is defined as “Aeon Outlet”.

When I turn the wall switch off, the fan and light turns off. I THINK when I turn the wall switch on, the light and fan turns on. I don’t have anything wired to the AMSS switch input. I haven’t touched the wallswitch or the AMSS pushbutton in more than a year.

Once the AMSS has power and load wired, I expect the built-in pushbutton will toggle the load - but I haven’t had the fan base open for a long time so I don’t remember exactly.

(Don) #3

I’m confused? So the micro isn’t working, but you can see it turning on and off?
If your saying the micro is indeed changing state, possibly your load does not have a complete circuit? Bulb is bad? Flaky connection?

I know some connectors on the micro are not sized for larger wire. I had to buy smaller gauge wire to hook to micro and wire nut that to the house wiring.

As for the wall switch when I wired my wall switch to the micro I used the without power on wall switch diagram. I had read someplace on here that the micro does not like power on the switch signal.
I know it says it can, I just went without it. The wall switch just becomes a switch that signals for the micro to turn on. It doesn’t need power going through it. Essentially your turning your standard switch into a 3 way switch. Light can signalled to turn on by smarthings through micro. Or from wall switch through micro. The micro is the only things controlling the load.

As for micro not working, possibly not getting signal from hub?

As for detected as a plug. I don’t remember and I’m mobile right now ,so I can’t look in my IDE to see. It shouldn’t matter as long as it will toggle on and off.

(Don) #4

Here is an example of how I wired mine. If you only have 1 switch it will be slightly different. Get it working without the switch first. Then add the switch or switches.

(Ray) #5

I think the problem is because the dumb switch is still controlling the line hot for both the fan and light. You will only have one choice with the dumb switch. Control the fan power or light micro switch but not both. Your electrician probably doesn’t know it.

(Mason) #6

I don’t think that is the problem because the switch already controlled both fan and light together, they couldn’t be operated separately (except by string on fan).

I have no idea how exactly it is set up by electrician. When he flips the wall switch off, I can see my “Aeon Outlet” go from on to off. But I can’t control it at all. And for reasons I don’t understand, once he set this up – the light was off and stayed off no matter what. Had to uninstall the Aeon Micro Switch.

(Ray) #7

So with the fan pull string in the ON position. Does the fan shut off with the wall switch in off? If that’s the case then what I said above is the case. If not then it’s possible it’s a mesh issue which you can try doing a z-wave repair. You can also ask your electrician to hook up a temporary switch to the Aeon and test it.