Aeon Multi Sensor - Motion issues

(tduffy) #1

I have multiple Aeon Multi sensors in my setup, and most of them work well and within tolerances for temperature and motion. But recently, one of them has started sensing motion correctly but then never changing back to “motion has stopped.”

Is anyone else having this issue? I’ve tried turning down the sensitivity, thinking maybe it was picking up movement that I’m just not registering. I’m going to also try moving it to a closed box or other control area to see if it still has the problem.

(George Sudarkoff) #2

I don’t have any experience with this sensor, but things very often start going south in electronics when power is not nominal. How are the batteries in your sensor?

(tduffy) #3

Yes, I thought the same thing. So the first thing I did was replace the batteries and let it be for another day. Same issue. The batteries don’t seem to be the issue. And my other sensors continue to work correctly until they go completely dead.

(Brian) #4

I have had this occur before too. As well as it being 689 degrees in my gun safe!

(Magnus De Pourbaix) #5

Did you ever find a solution to this?

(tduffy) #6

Nope, I ended up swapping this sensor out for an area where I didn’t need the motion detection just the temperature and brightness.

(Jody) #7

Was it reporting false motion on all areas of the app or were different sections reporting motion and no motion. There is a known bug with devices reporting mismatched events.

(tduffy) #8

It was reporting non-stop motion. It was working as normal one day, then sometime in the middle of the day it just stayed showing motion. No matter what I’ve done, it still shows that it is registering motion, and it shows that way on all areas of the app and from all devices.

(Magnus De Pourbaix) #9

That’s the exact same behaviour that I’m seeing right now, even after changing batteries and removing/re-adding it to my Things. It’s currently reporting constant movement in an empty room, although the room does have lights on.

(Scott) #10

I have two of these in my setup. One is located well under the roof of my front porch - this unit works flawlessly at all times. I have not had a problem with it since I installed it.

The other one is on my patio, concealed under an over hang, but not as well protected as the front porch unit is. I have noticed that when it rains, this sensor will freeze up - giving just a MOTION reading, it won’t flip back to no motion. It also stops reporting temp, lux, etc. After a few days (I assume after it drys out) it will start working again. Sometimes for a while, it will actually report motion as opposite - reporting MOTION when there is no motion, and NO MOTION while I’m standing in front of it waving my arms, only to flip back to MOTION after I walk into the house.

I was under the impression that these were outdoor sensors … I verified that I installed correctly (with the open area towards the bottom). I really don’t have a way to completely cover the patio sensor. Can these be exposed to the elements? Or do I need to start thinking about modifying a small bird house to keep the patio sensor better protected from the elements?

(Ray) #11

I did have this problem about 3 weeks ago and the only way for me to get it working is using USB power.

(Jody) #12

I have had two outside on covered porches and rain has not really been an issue for them. I hope it stays that way.

(Scott) #13

I’ve been running a little experiment over the past couple of weeks … I put a sandwich ziplock bag over the sensor on the patio - and it has worked flawlessly since I did! It has rained several times, as well as snowed several times. It detects motion through the plastic, all temps and humidity readings match with the porch sensor, as well as the Netatmo sensor (also on the porch).