Outdoor Motions Sensor options - OTHER than Aeon Labs?

I had 2 older Aeon Lab Multisensors connected to my V1 Hub - both worked sporadically - would often lock up showing motion for hours at a time. And of course, both drained batteries like they were Olympic Gold Medalists in the Battery Draining competition.

When I upgraded to Hub 2.0 - I was only able to get one of them reconnected to the Hub. No matter what I did, the other would not connect. So I ordered a Gen5 version from Amazon, it got delivered yesterday.

As of this morning -

The older Aeon Labs Multisensor is showing accurate motion, but it is shown the temp as 118 degrees F - it’s currently 40 degrees in SE Michigan. So I’m guessing the temp monitor in the sensor is shot.

The new Gen5 is not reporting anything, and is showing constant motion since it was installed late yesterday afternoon.

I think I’m giving up on Aeon Labs Multisensors, the Gen5 is going to get returned to Amazon this afternoon.

What options are there for exterior motion sensors besides Aeon Labs? The front porch location is very well protected … is it worth trying a ST Multisensor out there? It doesn’t look like the ST Mutis are recommended for outdoor use … has anyone tried using one outside?

I have ST multis and Fibaros installed outside, protected from the rain of course.
I’ve not had any issues with them.

I think I’m going to replace one of the older ST Multis I have inside with a new ST Multi, then put the old ST multi out on the Porch to see how it performs.

I had the same problems as you. My motion sensor broke after three months. Temp was always wrong…sensitivity all over the place…eventually the “outdoor” sensor broke I presume from the weather.

I installed a ST sensor under a flower bed we have to minimize it from the weather elements. 6 months later and it still works awesome.

I have an Aeon Lab Multisensor that I have outdoors under the eaves and it’s been working great for the last year or so. The plastic however is pretty cheap and it’s getting a little brittle now. I ran a USB power cable to it from the garage so that is one nice thing about Aeon Lab Multisensor where you can use external power. Most other motion sensors are battery only.

I have the ecolink pir outside under the eaves. Set it to its least sensitive setting. Works great.

FWIW I have a Schlage motion sensor outside and it works okay most of the time, but when the temp is above 90F or so it fails to detect motion 90% of the time.

I’m using Ecolink motion sensors outside. They’re cheap and you can adjust the sensitivity.

The same with my Aeon Multisensor. If the temp went above 90 I received notifications until the battery died. Support tried to help, but when the temp went down the sensor went back to normal.

Thanks for the ideas everyone!

My experience has been whichever motion sensor you use outdoors will be prone to some unwanted alerts however you place it or whichever model you use. My experience has been the worst with Aeons, little better with Fibaro’s. Luckily I don’t want to process outdoor motions with sensors in ST land and instead with kuna lights with built in porch light, motion sensor, camera, two way intercom and all the goods (no integration exists with ST). Works absolutely brilliant in my case (front and back porch). Extremely responsive support, a small company I like to support as they have a great product and minimal (extremely minimal) false alerts due to winter sun lights directly hitting it.

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I originally put an older ST Mutisensor on the front porch - but the motion detection is very sensitive on the STs - it was picking up cars driving down the street. I then ordered one of the Ecolinks from Amazon, put that on the front porch, and moved the older ST to the patio as the patio won’t see regular activity like cars driving down the street during the night. I set the EcoLink on the porch for “small pets” - that seemed to bring the sensitivity down so that it’s not picking up cars driving by, but does pick up someone walking up the driveway.

The Aeon Lab motions are junk! Constant problems!! I know there are people here in this forum that swear by them, but I haven’t had much luck. Already in the last 6 days, I’ve had better experiences with the ST and EcoLink motions outdoors! Here’s hoping they both survive a SE Michigan winter …