Aeon Labs Siren showing "Unavailable"

I’ve been using the SmartThings hub very successfully for about 18 months with various devices attached, including the Aeon Labs Siren (Gen5). The siren was working fine.

In the last couple of weeks the Siren has been showing as “Unavailable”. I’ve gone through all the reset procedures for the siren itself and reconnecting it to the hub. The hub can identify and connect with the siren ok, but it then comes up as “Unavailable” on the My Home/Things page on the app.

Because the siren is showing as “Unavailable” when I select the device on the app to test it there is no response.

Does anybody know what the term “Unavailable” actually means when clearly the SmartThings hub can connect with the device?

This is very frustrating and I am on the point of buying the Fortrezz siren as an alternative.

Hi. I just had the same problem for the first time with this siren but after pressing the action button on it to do a test I noticed the action in the device history was updated so in my case there’s communication between the siren and the app. I disabled Device Health in the app and now the device is no longer unavailable and I can trigger the alarm via app. However the device goes back to unavailable when I reenable Device Health. Two things happened today, not sure if related: a new firmware upgrade was applied to the hub and I had a false alarm triggered by a family member which left the siren screaming for more than one hour. I would like to enable Device Health so I’m not sure what to do now!