Aeon Siren not responding

Hey guys, I’m brand new to SmartThings and have had relatively no issues getting anything to connect and respond to this point… That is until I recieved my Aeon Siren. It seems to connect without a problem, but is unresponsive after that. I have read that others have had this issue, and have resolved them by deleting the device and reconnecting… But I have had no such luck with the same practice. Help…

Try this again, but when you reconnect it, press the button twice so it does a secure include.

If this doesn’t work, you may have to move the device close to the hub while connecting it so that it connects directly to the hub instead of going through other devices. If you end up having to do that and you move the siren afterwards, you should probably run a zwave repair.

Thanks for the reply Kevin. I tried connecting the device by pushing the button twice, and ended up with the same results. I was basically touching my hub when it connected, but it would not respond.

Try going into the device settings through the mobile app and changing the sound and/or volume.

I plan on releasing a new device handler for the siren tomorrow so if you’re still unable to get the default one to work, you may want to try the new one.

Awesome. Let me know when you release it. Thanks again

I’ve already released it: