Aeon Labs Aeotec Siren Gen5 consistently unavailable now

For the last couple of months, my two Aeon Labs Aeotec Gen5 sirens have stopped being available.

I am able to reconnect them as available if I trigger them, so it’s not a signal problem. I really don’t want to have to ring these things every day to get them to reconnect.

Are they no longer compatible with SmartThings after some update?

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Seems to be a problem with device health showing z-wave devices as offline but they still respond to commands.

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Have you tried turning off Device Health? Some folks have more success after trying that…

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If you’re using my Aeon Labs Multifunction Siren DTH, try changing the Checkin Interval setting to 24 hours.

If you aren’t using my DTH, switching to mine should solve the problem, but be aware that using a custom DTH with this siren will prevent it from running locally.

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for whatever it’s worth I have several zwave devices showing offline in the IDE but able to respond to commands. My siren is not one of them. I already have device health disabled but it is still happening to me.

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I’ll try both approaches. Thank you @krlaframboise and @Barkis

@greg sirens are the only ones that have been offline for me. But I can actually trigger them without doing anything, which is different from other offline behavior of other devices in past.

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I did turn device health off. Warning, of course, went away. I think I’ll just leave it off, since it seems to be problematic.

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Just chiming in here that my siren has been doing the same thing for the last month or so…

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No problem for a while before there is a spot in my home seems have some range and interference issue but after I relocated it it has been for weeks without a single control issue, compared to my zwave outlet this siren’s zwave plus seems really better in range as I put it to where the zwave outlet having issue with

Mine too started to act up recently. Same location no issues for months then all of sudden it becomes unavailable while all other device functions perfectly.

Did not know that using a DTH for this Siren makes it non-local… that sucks.

Again, ST is awesome, but just like everything these days anymore… some kind of BS. Just [the manufacturers] make things that “just work” WITHOUT time/life wasting monkey-business involved.

If local execution doesn’t matter, try my DTH and set the checkin interval to something like 15 minutes to see if that solves the problem.

If you’ve been using my DTH for a while and it’s been a while since you’ve updated the settings you should do that because I’ve made some changes that won’t get applied until the settings are updated.

All custom DTHs prevent the device from running locally, but not all of the default DTHs run locally either. The default DTH for Aeon Siren does run locally, but only if you’re using the device with SHM or Smart Lighting.

The device unavailable problem and almost every other issue you’ll encounter is caused by SmartThings and is not the manufacturer’s fault.

The reason this is a common problem with Sirens and not your other devices is that they’re rarely used and they don’t sleep which means they don’t automatically check in with SmartThings at a regular interval.

Other non-sleeping devices like outlets usually report values like power or energy on a regular interval.

The default Aeon DTH relies on the SmartThings device-watch to ping the device, but it often doesn’t wait long enough for a response or doesn’t ping it at all. They’ve fixed a lot of the bugs with the Health Check feature so it’s a lot better than it was, but it’s still not perfect.

My DTH for the siren self polls using a schedule which is why it doesn’t/shouldn’t have the device unavailable problem.

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I’ve been having th same issue and it all started after a smarthings update maybe related to device health as multiple people have stated. I just had an issue where I could not shut the siren off remotely forcing me to come home to deal with it!

I’ll have to try ou Kevin’s DTH as noted and report back after.

This was most likely caused by the SmartThings outage and unrelated to the device.

Ahhh thanks - I figured it was isolated to me. I did install the DTH and it looks good. I have been having the same unavailable issue routinely so ill see if this straightens it out now that I set it to check in more often. So far so good. Thank you for making and supporting the DTH.

I’ve been using Kevin’s DTH since our sirens arrived this past weekend and they have both gone unavailable tonight along with two other devices. Hard to test inclusion strategies on these while the kids are sleeping. I’ll tweak the check in time to see if maybe that solves it.

If it continues giving you problems you can disable the Health Check feature in the DTH by commenting out the Health check line near the top like:

// capability "Health Check"

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That’s what I did. Problem solved.

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