Aeon Labs Multisensor 6 - Refresh / Update Rate

Hi everyone, bit of a noob question.

I’ve added the Aeon Labs Multisensor 6 to my Hub just using the “+ Add a Thing” option

I’m planning on using it to add extra capability to “Smart Lighting” app by only turning on my lights when it’s dark (ish). Currently all the lights just rely on motion + sunset/sunrise to turn on/off

I’ve managed to add the LUX function to the “Smart Lighting” app but does anyone know how the LUX level works and how often it updates as it seems to only be doing it once every hour.

Thanks in advance for any advice

I have used this sensor for over a year now for the exact purpose of controlling pistons via Lux. My events show it updates every 5 minutes.

Thanks daven, are you walking past the motion sensor a lot?
I’m wondering if it only updates when the motion is triggered as I’m not walking past mine very often during the day.

I don’t use the motion at all, strictly the Lux to control all the house lights.