Aeon Labs MultiSensor Gen5 - is it any good?

I am planning to buy the Aeon Labs MultiSensor Gen5 to replace some of my xiaomi motion and temp sensors. Primary reason to buy these sensors are for the lux sensor capability. How good is this device? any known issues?

Works very well. Reports consistently and seems to be reliable. Have had one for 2 months or so with no problems.
The OOB DH works well but there is an ‘Advanced’ one floating around, I’ll try and find the link for you. Just gives a bit more detail and feedback.

Mine reports lux too low, you’ll probably see the same complaints from search.

previous Aeon Gen2 multisensor also reads pretty low.

Thanks for the responses guys. Will try it out. I ordered a couple to test.

I retract my statement after seeing the other comments here! I don’t use the Lux reading in any of my automation as yet. But after reading the comments, I checked.
Yep, Lux readings are very low compared to readings from previous sensors and manufacturers. Odd.

Does it consistently report low? In that case wouldn’t it be easy to account for a higher number in automations?

It is consistently low so you can still use the values.

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I would like to stick them to the wall using some kind of glue. Can someone suggest what will work? My previous xiaomi sensors are tiny and can be stuck to the wall using double sided tape. I guess that won’t work for these.

I got my sensors today. i am trying to configure it using the DTH below, but everytime I hit done in the settings screen, I get an error. “Please fill out all required fields.”

Can someone who use this DTH help me configure these?

I was able to resolve the problem. I had to manually enter some of the setting on the IDE and then come back to the app and finish the setup.

I got 4 of these sensors and configured them. They seem to be very slow in responding to motion compared to my xiaomi sensors. They take a good 7 to 8 secs to turn on lights. Is this tipical?

Also what lux values do u configure for turning on lights. Still unable to figure out what to set this to.

The only way I was able to use it is to look at the lux history in IDE and made my automation based on that, lux reading by time of day, something like that.

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I’m getting this error in the IDE live log:

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Configuration value 512000 is too large for size 2 @line 563 (secure)

Any idea what’s wrong?