Aeon Multisensor 4 Gen5 Luminace off issues

So ive been having an issue with my lux sensor since I unplugged it and replugged it from a power outlet.

I use it to monitor if a separate light is on in the garage. It mounted right next to the light. So settings go from 0lux to 1000 lux when its on. It takes a bit of time before it registers tat te light is on. Im not to bother by that. It never registers that the light is off. I have a core rule to monitor if the garage is closed, no motion is active and the lux is 1000 for more than 10 minutes. Core is not the issue. The Lux rating never updates after the light goes off. I am using John Fullman’s DTH and im on the latest version in the Github. I tried making sense of the logs but they dont seem to match what my settings are.



The logs seem to indicate to me that the Groups I set up are not what’s configured.

Group 1 Should be Luminance
Group 2 Should be Temp and Humidty
Group 3 Should Be Battery Level

Any Ideas whats wrong? @johnathan398

Be sure to press the “configure” button while the device is in listening mode after you have changed the settings. I wrote the config options to match the documentation provided by Aeon Labs but I suspect there are some mistakes in that documentation or undocumented limitations as mine also never quite match to how I configured or fail to configure 100% to what I select.