Aeon Labs Multisensor 6 or Fibaro Motion Sensor

(Mat) #1


Has anyone experienced the benefits of using one of these over the other? I currently have a Aeon in my master bathroom monitoring humidity which controls an extra fan but I’m looking at one in the living room, primarily to monitor temperature so I can control my underfloor heating more accurately. In this case humidity doesn’t matter.

I’m considering these over basic temperature sensors as the price difference isn’t much for what you gain.

(Kenneth C) #2

I have some Gen5 Multisensor 6 and they work great. They monitor activity of my 3D printer (turn it off if no motion), track temp and humidity in the room also.

Recently got a few zooZ ZSE40 4 in 1 sensors… very similar to the Aeon Multisensor6 for a few bucks less. Also reliable and configurable. I use one in my daughters room to start a space heater to heat the room when there’s motion. With CoRE, I could judge activity by brightness of the room (luminosity sensor).

If you just need to track temp, both Iris and ST motion sensors have a temp sensor. They are about $10 less than the zooZ ZSE40 and $15 less than the Aeon Multisensor 6.


Some user reported issue on the Fibaro temperature reading recently