Aeon Labs Multi Sensor Firmware Update Issues


I have a Windows 8.1 machine. I have downloaded the recommended software and then installed the 64 bit version. Next I downloaded the firmware update file. When I ran it, it does not recognize the USB connected sensor. I have yet to see my PC recognize the device via USB. Any suggestions?

(Blake Westerdahl) #2

Are you using the USB cable that came with the sensor? I have heard that the included cable only transmits power and not data. A different cable may work…


My unit did not come with a cable so I found one around the house. I will see if I can find another one to try and see it helps.

(Steven) #4

Did you ever figure out this issue? I’m having the same problem with two of my three sensors. One of them (the oldest, a few years,) worked instantly with the firmware updater.

Thew other two are Gen5, and are not recognized on my Windows 7 or Server 2012 (8) machines.