Aeon Multi Sensor Reports on Discovery and Never Again

Evening, all. I’m hoping someone has seen this before. I have an Aeon Multi Sensor that was working well a few months back then suddenly stopped reporting data. I’m just getting around to looking at this and I just can’t get the thing to report data. I just removed and readded it to my hub a couple of times and each time it reports initial values and then goes silent. The only value it seems to report is the tamper warning, but not consistently. I’ve tried the built in device type and a couple of custom device types. I’m at a loss. Any ideas?

Not sure why, but when I plugged the sensor into USB (was going to upgrade firmware) it started reporting. The reports continued once I returned it to battery power. I’m hopeful that it continues. If anyone has insight to this glitch I’d love to know what may have caused it so I don’t repeat the problem.